Web Site of the Week: An Invitation to Dance: A History of Social Dance in America

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This online exhibit from the American Antiquarian Society (AAS) traces the history and culture of social dance in the United States. For early Americans, as the introduction explains, social dance was a form of communication, an acknowledgement of rank and class, and a means of cultural expression. Dances came to 18th and 19th century America from France, England, Scotland, and Ireland, then mixed with one another to create new forms. In addition to the thorough introduction, readers may like to explore sections dedicated to Origins, Language, Types, Fashion, Opposition, and Etiquette, as well as a Bibliography for those interested in browsing the primary and secondary sources behind the exhibit. The Opposition section may be of special interest, as it features diatribes by founding Puritans such as Increase and Cotton Mather, George Whitefield, and others who objected to the spectacle of men and women engaging in the sins of carnality that were implied by “mixed” dances. [CNH]

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Web Site of the Week: George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

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The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum virtually overflows with resources and information related to the 43rd president of the United States. Readers may like to begin by scouting the information contained within The President & His Family, before moving on to the fascinating archives contained within Photos & Videos, including a flip book of condolence materials that the United States received from citizens around the world in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks. In addition, educators will find much to appreciate in the Classroom Resources housed within the Teachers section. There are a number of Lesson Plans and a Primary Sources Toolkit, where students and teachers alike can learn about the analysis and use of primary sources. General readers and educators will both find much to appreciate on this comprehensive site. [CNH]

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Library Board Minutes – April 2016

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Allegany County Library Board of Trustees


Regular Meeting

April 13, 2016

Washington Street Library – 4:00 p.m.


Bill Devlin, Tom Finan, Deb Hendrickson, Terry Michels, Steve Sniderman, and John Taube.   

The meeting was called to order by Bill Devlin.

A motion to accept the minutes of the regular meeting of the March 9, 2016 meeting was made by Tom Finan seconded by  Steve Sniderman and was approved.   

  • Review of Usage Statistics
  • Review of Income & Expense Report for the month of March 2016.
  • Review of Profit & Loss, Budget vs Actual Report for the Fiscal Year (YTD, July 1, 2015- March 31, 2016)
  • Review of Special Accounts

A motion to accept both the statistical report and the financial reports of March 2016 was made by Tom Finan seconded by Deb Hendrickson and was accepted.    


Washington Street Library is hosting Allegany County Chamber of Commerce After Hours reception

We are the host of the May 18, 2016 Allegany County Chamber of Commerce after-hours reception from 5:30 to 7:30.  The Washington Street LIbrary will be decorated in a “Alice in Wonderland” theme.  Staff are planning numerous stations throughout the building to highlight the many services and activities you can experience at your library.   John invited the Board members to attend and enjoy the event.


South Cumberland Library Renovation –Update

We are finalizing the RFP and bid opening timeline so that work can begin in July 2016.

The latest schedule is:

project will be advertised on 4/24/2016 and 4/27/2016.

Pre-bid meeting on 5/3/2016.

Bids due on 5/24/2016.

Library closing ceremony 5/27/2016.

Library closes for packing 5/28/2016.

Renovation begins on July 5, 2016.

The latest estimate of probable costs from the architect is in line with available funding.

The County has submitted the plans to the city for the necessary permits.

Friends of the Library groups – Update

The Friends letter to the editor campaign is proceeding with a letter a week during budget deliberation time.  

Washington Street Library Columns Restoration  – Update

Allegany County is interested in completing the columns restoration analysis and costs estimate study as soon as possible.   They have reached out to several firms seeking quotes to complete the work.  John expressed hope that a firm would be selected in early May.  Based on the analysis of the study, we would then work with the County, state agencies,  and our Friends group to determine the best course of action to get the actual restoration completed.

Discussion on FY 2017 Operating Budget Proposal

The Library’s bill to accelerate the increases in state funding for libraries passed in the late hours of the session.  We will see the per capita increase in our FY2018 state appropriation.  As it was passed by both houses of the Assembly, it does not require the Governor’s signature to becomes law, provided that he does not veto the legislation.   



The Westernport Branch has been named in an estate gift from the William and Mabel Thompson Estate.

In order to reach more children and families in our mission to encourage reading and offer quality early childhood learning, our Story Corp has developed relationships with our local pediatricians to provide children’s reading materials in their waiting rooms.   Our duplicates and discards will be used to supply the initiative.  Drs. Gonzaga and the offices at CMG are participating and we are also working with the Y and ACM Adult Education center.

Renee Mason, our Art Director ‘s work on the library emails has earned her an All Star Award from Constant Contact. Her communications are in the top 10% of customers for creating engagement. That means the outreach emails she creates are so tempting people just can’t help themselves but to click on them! Thanks for getting out the word about the Library to our customers!

In order to support board member attendance, we discussed holding our regular meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month instead of the 2nd Wednesdays.  John will draft a schedule to start in July 2016.

Next Board Meeting is May 11, 2016 at 4PM at the South Cumberland Library


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Web Site of the Week: The Americas to 1620: History by Era

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The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History is one of the great repositories of information about American history and culture. The Americas to 1620 exhibit, featured here, explores the world of North America, beginning with the settlements that began between 20,000 BCE and 9,500 BCE. From there, readers may use the interactive timeline to learn about the Hopewell Culture, which flourished in east-central North America between 200 BCE and AD 500, the great Hohokam and Anasazi cultures of the southwest, the Mississippian Culture that flourished through the 1500s, or the Aztecs in the Valley of Mexico, among others. In addition to an excellent timeline, readers will find pithy explanations of lands and peoples, and wonderfully evocative visual images that bring to life the pre-European history of the Americas. [CNH]

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Web Site of the Week: EconEdLink

While the homepage of EconEdLink encourages users to sign up for free unlimited access, there is plenty available on this economics and personal finance website without the creation of an account. Here educators will find such relevant lesson plans as “Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday,” a story for kindergarteners, first graders, and second graders about a boy who receives a dollar from his grandparents. Though he plans to save the money, gradually he spends every penny. The story is chock-full of pecuniary precepts, as well as excellent math skills. Other lessons help high school students examine how they will pay for college, learn about the history of Medicare, and become familiar with the Federal Reserve system. With dozens of lesson plans available, educators interested in teaching everyday economics to their students will find much to inspire on this well organized site. [CNH]

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Web Site of the Week: Audubon: Birding Without Borders

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The “Big Year” is a concept unique to the birding community, centering around an informal competition among birders to see who can identify the largest number of species of birds within a single calendar year. This site, hosted by the Audubon Society, follows Noah Stryker, a writer, photographer, adventurer, and birder, as he criss-crosses the globe, searching out rare and common bird species in cities, forests, plains, and just about every other conceivable geography. Along the way, readers may enjoy the author’s adventures with friendly locals almost as much as his identification of Buff-collared Nightjars and Barn Owls. Spoiler alert: Stryker manages to identify over 5,000 unique bird species during his 365 day trek.[CNH]

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Web Site of the Week: Mudlark: An Electronic Journal of Poetry & Poetics

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The online poetry journal Mudlark has been publishing short, sharp, energetic poetry for more than 20 years. Listed on the New York Public Library’s “Best of the Web,” among other accolades, Mudlark combines the quality one might expect from a print edition with the accessibility only the internet can provide. Recent poems have included Jane Medved’s series “A Crown of Sonnets,” which bends the classic form to an aesthetic that is exceptionally contemporary, as well as poems by Marcela Sulak, Martha Zweig, and Mark Down among many others. In addition to poems and featured poets, the journal also features short essays on poetics. Readers will find much to explore in the extensive archives, which feature hundreds of poems dating back to the 1995 inaugural issue. [CNH]

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