Introducing the LAUNCH series

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SAM_1954Thanks to a generous support of the Friends of the Frostburg LIbrary we will be offering 12 weeks of FREE science, technology, engineering, and math fun!   The weekly events will take place every Wednesday at 5PM at the Frostburg Library startign on September 16, 2015.  Some events will require registration so be sure to visit the Launch website

The  LAUNCH series is designed to introduce students ages 12 and older to the important Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) concepts that will drive the 21st century.  This series connects local STEM experts with motivated young people in a program which promotes STEM education and career paths.

Event topics will change each week, but include robotics, light waves, hovercrafts, stop-motion animation, and chemical detective work!  See the full schedule for more info and to register!

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Web Site of the Week:

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Headquartered at the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, offers resources that help students “recognize flaws in arguments in general and political ads in particular.” At the time of this writing, with the primaries well underway in the United States, the site has excellent sections dedicated to particular candidates, including “Campaign Watches” about Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Rick Santorum, and Rick Perry, among others. In addition, the Patterns of Deception section outlines the misleading arguments that surround debates on climate change, immigration, and gun control. For educators teaching critical political thinking, or for anyone who would like a tool for sorting through various policy debates and campaigns, is an excellent resource. [CNH]

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Web Site of the Week: Neuroanthropology

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As this site from anthropologists Daniel Lende and Greg Downey explains, “Neuroanthropology places the brain and nervous system at the center of discussions about human nature, recognizing that much of what makes us distinctive inheres in the size, specialization, and dynamic openness of the human nervous system.” Recent posts on this informative blog have included musings on youth and violent extremism, an exegesis of cultural relativism, and an overview of common brain mechanisms in mental illness. Downey and Lende are often funny, always intelligent, and profoundly well-informed. For anyone interested in the intersection between culture and the brain, this site is a must read. [CNH]

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Library Board Minutes – June 2015

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Please follow the link to view the minutes of the Library Board of Trustees meeting for June 2015.

Web Site of the Week: The Webby Awards

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The Internet is big. Really big. In fact, as of the time of this writing, there are over 900 million websites to navigate on the World Wide Web. So how do you choose the best, the most innovative, the most useful, the most beautiful? Every year, the Webby Awards does just that. Readers will find much to explore on the Webby Awards’ website. The site can be scouted by category, including Special Achievement, Websites, Online Film & Video, Advertising & Media, Mobile Sites & Apps, and Social. Within each category, awards are meted out by subcategory. For instance, within Websites, there are awards for Art, Best use of Photography, Best User Experience, and many others. For a trip down memory lane, the site can also be searched by year, all the way back to 1997. While not all winners of the Webby Awards are equally academic, there are plenty of interesting and educational website recommendations for Scout Readers on the site. [CNH]

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Web Site of the Week: Zoology

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With 29 zoology-related activities, comics, quizzes, games, book lists, and other sundry tidbits, the Zoology section of the American Museum of Natural History’s OLogy website is a goldmine of resources for the preteen set. For instance, within Zoology Stuff select the Mammal Books icon for a list of annotated books, such as Steve Parker’s Mammal, a “lushly illustrated” tome about the “natural history of mammal behavior and anatomy.” Or select Create a Coral Reef for instructions on how to create a model of a coral reef, including sections on What You’ll Need, What to Do, and Cool Coral Facts. Zoology Stuff can be filtered by categories such as All, Hands-On-Activity, and Games. Educators and parents working with elementary schoolers and middle schoolers will find excellent resources here. [CNH]

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Web Site of the Week: Learn Psychology

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Deciding what to study in college is often a difficult and complex task, fraught with future unknowns about career paths, salary projections, and job trends, in addition to the simple love of a subject. For students who are interested in psychology (and for the counselors and educators who assist them), this site provides a well-referenced overview of psychology career options. Readers will find a section dedicated to Careers, where they may explore Top Psychology Careers and a Salary Tool that pinpoints average salaries in every state in the nation. The Education section outlines The Different Psychology Degrees, Schools with Psychology Programs, Misconceptions About the Major, and offers an insightful Online Courses + Online Programs Q & A. [CNH]

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2015.


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