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November 2016 Board of Trustees meeting minutes

Allegany County Library Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting

November 8, 2016

Washington Street Library – 4:00 p.m.


Bill Devlin, Tom Finan, Deb Hendrickson, Terry Michels, Jason Willetts, and John Taube.

The meeting was called to order by Bill Devlin.

A motion to accept the minutes of the regular meeting of the September 13, 2016 meeting was made by Terry Michels seconded by  Jason Willetts and was approved.   

  • Review of Usage Statistics
  • Review of Income & Expense Report for the months of September and October 2016.
  • Review of Special Accounts

A motion to accept both the statistical report and the financial reports of September and October 2016 was made by Jason Willetts seconded by Tom Finan and was accepted.    


Presentation of FY 2016 Financial Audit

Tim Michaels and Angel Rasel of Huber, Michaels, Inc were present to review their work on the FY2016 Financial Audit.  Given that they several confirmation letters were still outstanding, the audit was presented in draft form.  Mr. Michaels noted that he was confident that the financial data would not change after receiving the letters.   They highlighted that during FY2016, the library system spent more on collections and supplies and services, but spent less on personnel.  These spending changes were explained by the reduction in hours at the beginning of the fiscal year.  They also noted that the library system received slightly more that $14,000 that it spent in the year.   

Terry Michels moved to accept the draft audit report as presented as long as there were no material changes in the final version.  The motion was seconded by Deb Hendrickson and was approved by the Board.  

Review of updated Payroll Status Policy (3.25)

In the spring of 2016, the US Department of Labor announced upcoming changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).   The new FLSA rules go into effect on December 1, 2016.

The FLSA rules specify who is classified as an “exempt” employee and who is classified as “nonexempt” employee.  

Exempt employees are not eligible for overtime compensation regardless of the number of hours they work per week or year.

Nonexempt employees are eligible to receive overtime compensation at a rate of “time and a half” after they work 40 hour per week.  

The US Department of Labor uses 3 tests to determine if an employee is exempt or nonexempt.    ALL 3 tests must be met to qualify for exempt status.

The tests are:

Salary Basis,

Salary Level,   (must make more than $47,476 per year)

Duties Test.

Because they fail to meet the Salary Level test, as of 12/1/2016, the following positions will change from exempt to nonexempt employee:

Director of Services,

Director of Programming,

Director of Users Experience,

Director of Outreach,

Director of IT, and

Art Director.

Existing “nonexempt” employees will remain “nonexempt” employees.

As of 12/1/2016, the Executive Director will be the only exempt employee.  

ACLS’s approach to avoid additional payroll (overtime) costs is to track the number of hours worked on standard time sheets, realign workload and limit employees to working 35 hours per week.  

Review and Approval of budget transfer within FY2017 Operating Budget

Rather than replace 2 part-time custodians when they resigned in October 2016, the library system contracted with ServiceMaster to provide cleaning services at the Westernport and Frostburg Libraries.  

According to our FY2017 budget ServiceMaster should be categorized as a cleaning contract and should be paid from 61000 Contracted Services, specifically 61003 Cleaning.

John requested approval to move $13458 FROM Wages and Benefits accounts 66002 and 66005 TO account 61003 Contracted Services – Cleaning to pay Service Master.  

A motion to approve the transfer of funds was made by Tom Finan, seconded by Terry Michels and was approved by the Board.

Ratification of candidates to replace Steve Sniderman

After receiving email approval from all Board members to submit Stephanie Marchbank and Bill Bingman as candidates to replace Steve, John sent the nominating letter on October 20, 2016 to the commissioners.   Given that this was the first board regular meeting since that time,  Deb Hendrickson motioned to ratify the email decision to submit Drs. Marchbank and Bingman as a library trustee.  The motion was seconded by Terry Michels and was approved by the Board.


South Cumberland Library Renovation –Update

The roof deck insulation issue was resolved when the county agreed to adding new insulation to cover the old and fix gaps in the insulating batts.  This will add $36,000 and extend the length of the work 45 days.  So our plans have shifted  to occupy the building in June 2017.

Washington Street Library Columns Restoration  – Update

County Staff have submitted an application to the Maryland Historic Trust to replace the columns instead of repairing them as the estimated cost is comparable.



Tom Finan was re-appointed by the Commissioners for a second term.

We have purchased acoustic panels to be installed at the Frostburg Library toll house room.  The room suffered from a echo issue that makes it very difficult to use for most purposes.

The Library has completed the installation of a unified key system for our facilities.

John reported that he has sent our annual letter to the estate planners in the community.


Minecraft gaming club at Washington Street Library is popular.

The halloween costume swap was very successful.

Next Board Meeting is Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at 4PM at the Frostburg Library

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