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Reading about eReading this week May 6, 2013

Separated At Birth: Library and Publisher Metadata

Entire Hachette eBook Catalog Will Soon Become Available to All Libraries

E-Books, Libraries and Democracy – NYTimes.com

More on the Hachette Story – “New ebooks will be released simultaneously with the print edition and sold for an unlimited number of single-user-at-a-time circulations at an initial price three times the primary physical book price. One year after publication, the purchase price will drop to one and a half times the primary book price. The primary book price will be defined as the highest-price edition then in print.”

Entering a New Phase

E-Retailers Now Accounting for Nearly Half of Book Purchases by Volume, Overtake Physical Retail

E-Book Tarnishes The Reader-Book Relationship -NPR

Kindle For iOS Will Now Turn Your Favorite Books Into Audiobooks

Book Publishing After the JOBS Act Revolution

Parents Value Libraries’ Digital Technologies and Programs, Pew Research Shows

ReDigi Plans to Launch a Used eBook Marketplace Soon, Still ReSells Used Digital Music

“Here’s why this story is so hard to write: it’s always the same. Media incumbents use their positions to raise prices and limit choice. Start-ups employ new approaches, often enabled by an innovative technology, to disrupt the market and serve limited constituencies with more cost-effective options. Incumbents cry foul, litigate and disparage.”

—-Rinse. Repeat.  Aereo, choice and lessons for publishers
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