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Reading about eReading this week 9/3/2012

half the #bookstore shelves available in the US in 2007 are gone by now.

How libraries can help publishers with discovery and distribution 

“I put it on my kindle and haven’t thought of it since”

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library Now Has 180,000 Titles

“The future of the book is about extending each individual reader’s connection with the story.  We no longer need to say that the experience of a book needs to stop on the page , or in the mind.”   Exaggerations and Perversions, Valla Vakili, Book: a Futurist’s Manifesto

Torching California’s Broadband Future: Why Your State Is Next

“Digital objects don’t have to returned to the library, because the library still has them.  Digital content is indistinguishable from magic when unrestrained by a license.”    The End of the Public Library (As We Knew It)? Eli Neiberger, Book: a Futurist’s Manifesto

IFTTT recipes for ebook users

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