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Web Site of the Week: The BizWorld Foundation

BizWorld is a foundation started by venture capitalist Tim Draper in order to create financially literate kids, with the hope that they might turn into financially savvy adults. BizWorld inspires children to be innovative leaders by teaching them entrepreneurship, business and finance, and they have programs in the U.S., Netherlands, South Korea, India, and Singapore. Visitors might like to start with the two minute video on the homepage of the website, entitled “How BizWorld helps educators help students”, to become more familiar with the programs available.  Another way visitors can check out the programs offered by BizWorld is under the tab “Classroom Resources”.  There is “BizWorld”, “BizWiz” and “BizMovie”, that, respectively, focus on starting and running students’ own companies, investing and mathematical operations, and company accounting, such as profit, loss, revenue and taxes.  Each resource starts with a pre-assessment of students’ knowledge on the topic, and a post-assessment for teachers to give their students.  Additionally, the time it will take  teachers to complete activities associated with preparation to start the program are also offered here. [KMG]

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2011.

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