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Web Site of the Week: Windows to the Universe: Myths, Stories and Art

The Windows to the Universe website was created by the National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA) and it is an exploration of all matters in “Earth and Space sciences and the historical and cultural ties between science, exploration, and the human experience. ” The Culture section of their site is quite a find and allows visitors to browse their collection of myths, folk tales, and stories about the Earth and sky. The “Clouds in Art” link under the “Culture” tab, offers several fun activities related to clouds, including the “Clouds in Art Interactive”. This is a fun way to learn about cloud types while looking at famous artworks, for example Pissarro painted cumulus clouds in “La Route de Louveciennes”, Monet painted altocumulus clouds in the “Beach at Sainte-Adresse”, and John Constable painted Cumulonimbus in his dramatic “Seascape Study with Rain Cloud”.  Visitors interested in writing a poem about the featured weather image should go to the “Poetry and Pictures” link. The winning poem for May 2011 is by a 67-year-old English woman, who wrote about a painting of the Lackawanna Valley in 1850s Pennsylvania which features stratus clouds and  the staging area of a local railroad company. Finally, the site is rounded out by an archive of other poems composed for this section of the site.  [KMG]

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2011.


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