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Web Site of the Week: GED Testing

The General Educational Development (GED) test was created in 1942, as it was requested by the U.S. military to help returning WWII veterans who had not finished high school.  The GED enabled the veterans to go on to college or university; civilians were able to take the GED for the first time in 1947, in New York.  The American Council on Education’s website has a section devoted to the GED, and offers visitors a brief history of the test in the “GED Testing Timeline”.  Visitors will enjoy the “Profiles of Success” link that features video or text stories of those who were able to succeed in their work or studies after taking their GED.  The “Profiles of Success” area also allows GED graduates to submit their own story.  The stories are divided up by fields, such as “military”, “healthcare”, and “law enforcement”, and each brief video poses the same five questions to the
graduate about what getting their GED means to them.  Visitors will find the “Research and Publications” link contains research articles about the success of GED graduates in post-secondary schools, repeat GED takers, and “GED Information Bulletins”. [KMG]

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2011.

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