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An Online Searchable Database of Health Games

via ResourceShelf by resourceshelf on 7/1/10

RESOURCESHELF REPOST: THIS ITEM WAS FIRST POSTED ON APRIL 13, 2010. We’ve seen a couple of tweets about it today and thought it was deserving of a second post.
Gaming is a major and growing topic of interest in libraries. But what about the use of digital games in the health world? Yes, absolutely, is the answer. Digital health games/gaming are also an established area of research and study. Now, this multidisciplinary topic has its own database.

Health Games Research, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Pioneer Portfolio (RWJF), today unveiled a searchable database tracking more than 1,200 resources related to digital health games. This online tool, available at www.healthgamesresearch.org, for the first time enables researchers, game developers, health professionals, educators, funding agencies and policy makers to access in one place a wide-ranging compilation of health games, research findings, publications, organizations and events in this growing field.
“The demand for information about health games is extremely high and continues to rise,” said Debra Lieberman, Ph.D., director of Health Games Research and communication researcher at the University of California, Santa Barbara. “This database is designed to serve a wide range of people, from doctors who want to create games in their area of specialty, to health promotion professionals who want to use games in health campaigns, to students looking for academic programs in video game design and production, to game developers looking for health behavior-change strategies to incorporate into their games, to researchers looking for journal articles and collaborators. In addition to providing a wide range of information about the field, the database lists hundreds of health games.”

Direct to the New Database (Keyword and Guided Search Available)
Complete Announcement
Sources: Health Games Research; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Pioneer Portfolio; University of California, Santa Barbara

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