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Fwd: Help make Maryland the best Internet-connected state in the nation

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Office of the Governor
March 26, 2010

A Message from Governor O’Malley

Dear Friends,

Many of Maryland’s citizens and businesses do not have access to broadband (high speed Internet access) at their homes and offices. But the Maryland Broadband Map Team is taking action. By mapping current broadband availability and measuring Internet speeds, we will find those areas where broadband is not available, and where service can be improved.

You are receiving this message because you have been selected to help us improve the Maryland Broadband Map.  It just takes answering a few questions and testing your connection speed from your residence and/or business. It’s fast, simple, and confidential.

Your information will be held in confidence and will not be used for any other purpose. You may decline to participate, and you may stop your participation at any point during the survey.
We appreciate your time and participation! With your help, we can make Maryland one of the best-connected states in the Nation.

Take the Maryland Broadband Speed Test!

Martin O’Malley

P.S.  Be sure to read this important notice:

Information collected from you will be kept confidential and only aggregate figures at the state and jurisdictional level will be presented.  Participation in this study is voluntary.  If you choose to participate, you will be asked to take a broadband Internet speed test and complete a short survey. We ask that you complete as many survey questions as possible. You may discontinue your participation at any time.

The Maryland Broadband Mapping Initiative is federally-funded through the National Telecommunications Administration. Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley chose the Maryland Broadband Cooperative to lead the initiative. The Team partners include Salisbury University, Towson University, Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, and the Maryland State Geographic Information Officer.

Any questions can be directed to the Maryland Broadband Mapping Initiative team at mapinfo@mdbc.us.

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