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Bing, Google, and Yahoo Will Provide Numerous Olympics Resources


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Yesterday, we posted links to three searchable databases from the International Olympics Committee and Vancouver 2010.

1) Database and Basic Profiles of Every Athlete Participating in the Vancouver Games
2) Database of All Olympic Medalists (All-Time, Summer and Winter)
3) Database and Directory of All National Olympics Committees

Now, Elisabeth Osmeloski at Search Engine Land has compiled a wonderful collection of resources Bing, Google, and Yahoo will be offering for Vancouver 2010.

Here are a few highlights. Make sure to visit the actual post to review it all.

Bing (Gold)

Bing Visual Search (which requires installation of Silverlight) has added two galleries, one for the 86 Olympic events, and the other, a visual search gallery of 664 Olympic athletes. Athlete data is not a complete picture by any means, but it does include more than just Team USA data, and is also sortable by a number of criteria, including age, sport, hometown/country, and will update medal counts on an individual basis.

Bing Maps has also created a new application, Winter Games, which will provide real-time information on event venues, medal counts by country, and Winter Games tweets from Vancouver, using their Twitter Maps application to filter out Olympics related commentary. Bing Maps previously announced StreetSide coverage of Vancouver and Whistler with enhanced imagery of the Olympic scenes in Canada.

Google (Silver)

Over at Google, an international landing page has been created to help users Explore the Games with Google, aka, “Google.com/Games10?, with Google Maps being a main component to track medal counts by country, and special “Street View” coverage with the use of a snowmobile to get around the games’ event venues.

Real-time and Google News Search are two of the more prominent features as well

Yahoo (Bronze)

Yahoo has unveiled its official sports site for the games at: http://sports.yahoo.com/olympics.

You’ll also learn about FanCouver, an entertainment center Yahoo is sponsoring at the Olympics.

Accessthe Complete SEL Post


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