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The Best Movies & TV of 2009: Horror


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via Amazon Daily by Amazon Daily on 11/12/09

It really is a heavy cross to bear, being one of only 2 people who actually like horror movies here at Amazon.  Sure there are perks…all those screening copies that would normally go in the free-pile end up on my desk (and I don’t even have to ask!).  And of course, there’s that incredible God-like power that comes with being uncontested in picking my top 10 horror releases each year. 

And what a year it’s been…in case you haven’t figured out the rules by now, our picks have to be DVDs (or new to Blu titles) that were released in 2009.  This sadly means that while Zombieland is certainly in my top 3 for the year, it won’t release until 2010 and so we must say goodbye to Woody and the gang until next year. 

And now, my top 10 Horror picks of 2009 (remember, it’s horror – if words like “blood”, “guts”, “torture” and “icky” upset you, you should probably stop reading here)…

1. Let the Right One In
Vampires are so hot right now.  This carefully controlled vampire tale manages to be quietly terrifying and oddly sweet.   

2. Drag Me to Hell
Sam Raimi is back!  That probably should be enough of a reason why Drag Me to Hell is number 2, but it doesn’t hurt that no one does creepy-campy-funny-actually-scary better, and it’s almost strong enough to forget about the horrors of Spiderman 3.

3. Splinter
A really fun, really gross monster (not-technically, it’s more like a parasite/bloodsucking/icky thing) movie set in a gas station and starring Paulo Costanzo.  Maybe my tastes are a little bit retro, but give me a gross-out gore flick with lots of exploding blood and guts over the horrifying torture-porn of movies like Saw any day.

4. Martyrs
French.  Incredibly disturbing.  An Amazon customer said it best “Brilliantly made, hard to watch”.  I think it’s worth it.

5. Night of the Creeps [Blu-ray]
One of the greatest, most underrated campy sci-fi horror films of the ’80’s gets the treatment it deserves for repeated home viewings. 

6. Trick ‘r Treat
Finally released after being shelved for who knows what reason, just in time for Halloween – this movie has cult hit written all over it. 

7. True Blood: The Complete First Season
See Number 1.  Scary enough to satisfy, sexy enough to make you happy it’s on HBO.

8. Audition: Collector’s Edition [Blu-ray]
Japanese horror master Takashi Miike made Audition back in 1999 – it was and still is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. Reliving the amazingly disturbing climactic scene in new 1080P high-def is something I’m equally dreading and can’t wait to experience.

9. Grace
It’s sick, it’s wrong, but I love a good zombie baby.  There are no laughs in Grace, the tone is unsettling from start to finish, but it’s an interesting idea executed really well.

10. Repulsion – Criterion Collection [Blu-ray]
Well, it’s Roman Polanski.  So there’s that.  But very few films have ever come close to achieving this level of skin-crawling terror – it’s gorgeous to watch on Blu-ray.

See the rest of the top 100 DVDs, the top 100 Blu-ray discs, and many other lists at http://www.amazon.com/bestmovies2009. —-Kira


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