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Sign up for a Library Card on our website.

We enabled the Online Borrower Registration feature. OBR can be accessed by clicking the yellow library card icon on the home page.

This feature enables patrons to go on our website to fill out the application to get a library card. The patron will be assigned a temporary number that will enable them to place holds in the catalog, but this number will not be able to be authenticated for them to use online databases.

A couple of quick facts:

  • Patrons must agree to Borrowing Policies before filling out the form. If the agreement is not checked, they will be unable to type in the fields of the form
  • Starred fields on the form are required to be completed
  • Patrons have 7 days to pick up their permanent card.
  • Patrons are advised in the confirmation message to bring identification with them for address verification
  • If a patron already has a card with us, they will see a message telling them so
  • If a patron does not come to get a permanent card within the 7 days, the record will disappear in the circ system.
  • Patrons who have registered online do not need to fill out a paper application when they come into the library

Check it Out!

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