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Budget Update

Hi All,

State Funding:
It looks like a last day change to the state budget funded libraries at the same per capita rate as the current year.    This is good news as it will eliminate the $22,500 reduction in state aid had they gone ahead with the 10% decrease in fy10 funding.

The state will still seek $4719 in repayments from what they consider overpayments in prior years.

County Funding
The County is asking all departments and outside agencies to respond to a possible 1 or 2% reduction in county funding in FY2010.     Given that our FY10 recommended funding level is $905,000, it would mean either a $9050 or $18,100 reduction in County funding.    Given the scenarios we prepared for the State reduction in funding, I replied with those potential measures.

The County is working as fast as it can to get something solid to work with, and I hope to be able to provide that to you after the County’s April 30 meeting.

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